We have over 30 partners who work on Action Towards Inclusion in York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding.

The mentor you are supported by will work for one of these organisations. This means we can make sure you have the very best match based on where you live and your individual needs. Your mentor will understand you and your personal background.

They have a track record of improving many  people’s lives in your local community. Plus, if you read about a partner you like the sound of best, we’ll match you to them whenever we can.

You can download a list of current partner organisations here…


No matter what your situation with money, Action Towards Inclusion can help.

Our experienced mentors will create an action plan just for you based on your needs. They can help with benefits issues, so you can get your full entitled amount.

They will work out what job or course you most want to do, so you can have improved finances and meaningful work. If you have any debts, we have trained debt advisors across the county who can make sure these are dealt with. If you’d love to be your own boss, you can learn how to run a business and become self-employed.

Plus, Action Towards Inclusion will fund essential costs to get you ready for work or training. From laptops to interview clothes, we’ve paid for many items to make sure money is never a barrier for you.


This project is all about ensuring you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

Your mentor will always check in with your wellbeing and mental health when they meet you.

We can offer counselling and other therapies for any mental health or wellbeing issues.

You also have the chance to join incredible wellbeing activities, from confidence courses to creative arts.


We have so many learning opportunities to offer. Your mentor will teach you employability skills – how to get the right course or job for you.

We have partners who can train you in English, Maths and IT.

If there’s anything else in the world you’ve always wanted to learn, it can be funded.

We’ve had hundreds of people on Action Towards Inclusion do courses like construction work, hair and beauty, door security and many more.

These open the door to a great career.


Your mentor will be your point of contact for anything and everything you may need.

You’ll meet them regularly and they’ll spend time getting to know you and making the project fit your wants and needs.

They’ll motivate you to achieve your full potential. They’ll support with work, training and personal matters to make sure nothing stands in the way of your success!